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ELT Multimedia

1. Why do you think we need Media/ICT in teaching learning process?
2. In what ways Media/ICT can really help both teacher and students?
3. In term of Media/ICT in teaching learning process, which do you prefer to ask, what computer
    can do for us or what we can do with computer? Mention the reason!

1. Because there are many advantages in teaching learning process using media. Media are the means for transferring or delivering messages. Li-Ling Kuo states that a medium is called the educational medium when the medium transfers message for teaching (Li-Ling. 1996). He adds that the use of media is important and it is impossible to coordinate teaching with learning without using media (Li- Ling.1996 p.61-88.). Teaching media also can encourage students to take more responsibility for and control over their own learning, engage in joint planning of the syllabus, and take longer-term perspectives on their own learning (Masterman. 1999). According these statement, we can conclude that media is very useful to makes the teaching learning process easier, more interesting, and more efficient. It could raise the students’ interest of the lesson and media is important to lead students’ attention. Besides that, Edgar Dale’s research show that by using media student will be able to remember lesson deeper and longer than learning without media. So, media not only can increase student understanding, but also it won’t makes students frustrated and get bored. Then, media can enhance their thinking skill in order they improve themselves from know nothing to know something, from know something to understand the concept. In addition, the teachers will be easy to explain their material because media help the teacher to give clear information to the students. Finally, we can use media in every time and everywhere.

2. Media that can really help both teacher and students is like a picture, a map, a globe and internet to teach social studies. For example: First, I give my students a brief explanation about Asia in general, such as location, boundaries, regions, weather, crops, etc. using the map, globe, and pictures of crops. Then, I ask my students one by one to come in front of the class to point on the location of Asia on the globe and on the map. “In the third meeting, I ask the students to make a project,” I divide the class into groups of two students. Next, each group will choose a country in Asia by picking a lottery. Then they have to search the information about the country from the internet, encyclopedia, or newspaper and then print it. I have prepared the internet and the students only type the name of the country and then all information will be on their monitor. The students have to find all-important information including the map, flag, landmark, famous buildings, mountains, traditions, etc. After all done, the students stick their findings on the cardboard and decorate. The last, they started the presentation. They have to tell others about the country and how did they make the project (what are the sources, etc.)

3. I prefer to ask “what we can do with computer?” because computer is just a media. It is helpful, but it can be useless if we don't know how to use it. Computer can't do anything without us as the user. By using computer we can create something that it's important for us. So, we can more creative in using the computer. We can do everything with computer. Base on material what has Mr. Urai given to us in ICT class before, there is three models of computer use. If we choose the question “what computer can do for us?” it means that we choose a tutor model. This model has many disadvantages. The user only receive information that provided by the computer. In the contrary, when we choose the question “what we can do with computer?” it means that we choose a tutee model or Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, because in this model the students more active and creative. They can do something by using computer. They can create something that it’s important in teaching learning process like what we did in semester 2 in ICT class. For example: We created a blog to teach other student, we made a group to discuss about our subject, we made power point presentation to explain clearly. So, we will more understanding our material.

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